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56 Things I love About MGS4

June 29, 2008
Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game I have played in a long time. While playing it, I couldn’t help but say things like “I love that” repeatedly. Here are 56 things I love about MGS4.


I love…

0. The little tips during the install screens.
1. How great Snake looks during the install screens.
2. Pressing L1 during cutscenes for a different view.
3. Pressing X for flashbacks.
4. Tiptoeing over corpses.
5. How dirt gets on the screen after rubble falling nearby.
6. When Otacon gives me tips when I’m a little lost.
7. Hearing the “item dropped” sound anytime someone died.
8. How I use an oil drum someone farted in.
9. How Snake rubs the bottom of his back after being crouched too long.
10. How Snake can fall asleep too.
11. Sunny playing the PSP.
12. Never having felt lost in the story, even though I didn’t play the other MGS games.
14. Otacon’s comment on the PS3 and Blu-Ray Disc.
15. Drebin 893’s monkey.
16. The abundance of cutscenes!
17. The posters hidden behind paintings in the South American home
18. How the install screen changes after Snake’s face is severely burned.
19. Raging Raven and the fight against her.
20. Laughing Octopus and the fight against her.
21. Crying Wolf and the fight against her.
22. Screaming Mantis and the fight against her.
23. Being reunited with the cardboard box.
24. Pressing triangle to keep Snake going through the microwave tunnel.
25. Easy access to weapons and ammo through Drebin.
26. How we obtain Face Camo of other characters.
27. Shaking the controller during cutscenes so my Camo returns to normal.
28. Snake’s dream in the helicopter!
29. The Rail Gun.
30. How Snake’s Psyche gauge could deplete during a cutscene.
31. That Snake kicked his smoking habit.
32. The motorcycle chase.
33. Controlling REX.
34. Shooting enemies from Drebin’s tank. Very Resident Evil like.
35. Mk. II & III
36. How Snake tried to look up Naomi’s skirt.
37. How Akiba tried to grab Mei Ling’s butt.
38. How Akiba slapped Meryl’s butt and then held her hand.
39. How Raiden always appeared at the right moments.
40. The soundtrack.
41. Sunny’s eggs.
42. Feeling like I was the main character in an actual action movie.
43. Psycho Mantis’ failure to read my past.
45. Watching TV at the start of the game.
46. How Snake’s iPod worked like a real one.
47. How Otacon had an Apple laptop.
48. How Sunny was so intelligent.
49. Snake’s CQC skills.
50. The final fight against Liquid.
51. How the center of Snake’s bandanna was always scrunched up.
52. Sharing rations with other soldiers.
53. How the Resistance member ran to take a quick leak in the park.
54. Actually fearing the Gekko.
55. Feeling like I did right by starting this list at zero.
56. The ending. It made me cry.

If I had the game right in front of me at the moment I know I could think of 50 more. But this is all I got off the top of my head.


Old Snake is New to Me

June 27, 2008

“Babe, I got a PS3!”

I won’t forget when my boyfriend first said those words to me. It was a couple weeks ago, and I was at work staring at a monitor displaying my store’s poor performance results. I shuffled my feet around, punched in a few keys and swept my eyes across the sales floor.

At first, I didn’t believe him. I had strongly suggested he wait until Final Fantasy XIII was released. But he wanted to play Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots so bad that he couldn’t wait.

Well, I’m glad he didn’t. MGS4 is the best game I’ve played in years. It hooked me the second I played it and kept me engaged throughout. It’s the first MGS game I’ve played seriously, but I didn’t feel lost in the story or less attached. My heart latched onto Old Snake as soon as I saw him, feeling sorry for such an old person having to fight.

I’ve tried to play the game as much as I could since we got the PS3. I guess that’s why I didn’t post about it. I’ve beaten the game and already I want to play it again. It was simply incredible.


Blog Banter: Hi, I’m Angela and I Like Boxes

June 21, 2008

I’ve joined a group of bloggers, lead by bs angel, who write collectively on the same specific topic, pertaining to video games. With many writers and one topic, the results are endless! Any inquiries on Blog Banter should be directed here. Please check out the other articles at the bottom of my post!

Sure, I’ve downloaded music. I’ve downloaded music, movies, books, and computer programs. My life practically revolves around “10:00 minutes remaining.” But the one medium that I will never download if there is a hard copy available, is video games.

There’s just something about a video game box – everything from the reservation of the game to ripping off the plastic wrap at home is fun. Inside, the disc is a perfect circle with a small opening in the middle that’s just the right size for my pointer finger. The bottom of it is shiny and mirror-like and if I’m lucky, I might even get more than one disc in a case! The box itself could be black, green, or white. There’s always a lovely picture on the front with descriptions and screenshots on the back. I love opening the cases and checking out the booklets, enjoying how crisp the button is in the middle of the disc.

I could never download a video game because it’s a passion I hold dear to my heart. It’s the same as a musician taking pride in his record collection, or a movie buff that enjoys collecting DVDs.

I understand that some games like Hexic should be digitally distributed because of accessibility and size, but nothing trumps having a physical collection of games and being able to show it off to people when they come to your house.

I actually made the mistake of downloading Fable from the Xbox Live Marketplace. It was one of those games that I loved the first time I played it and just had to have it again. On a whim, I paid 1200 points for it and later my boyfriend reminded me that I could have bought Fable: The Lost Chapters (which is the better version) at a store for just five bucks! Of course my reaction was “aw, shit” and we went out and bought the hard copy.

And who knows, if one day I meet Peter Molyneux and I get him to sign my copy of Fable: The Lost Chapters I’ll be insanely happy. Better he sign the disc than my hard drive.

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Save in Progress: Lost Odyssey

June 14, 2008

Far too often, I walk away from a game highly satisfied, yet unchanged. I’ve been tested on the limits of my brutality toward other beings, been given a chance to reflect my secret aspirations onto a customizable character, and have been allowed to be as creative as I want in building towns, homes, and people. But still, I continue my life unaffected. “Save in Progress” will be one of my features that focuses on games that do manage to spill over into my reality, and make a change for the better in my life, proving that games can do more than just entertain. They can save lives.

I’ve never believed life was something special; merely a cycle, a passage of time and physical deterioration. The heartbeat, the breath and the state of consciousness never stirred any sense of value in me.

I have never known someone who has died. I always felt I was the wrong person to talk to when death affected the lives of people I knew. All I could ever muster was, “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Yet something is different about me now. I have been forced to think about the value of life and the pain of death, by a simple game. Lost Odyssey for the Xbox 360 relies on life and death as key drivers of story and plot.

The story is centered on several different characters, four of which are immortal. They’ve lived for 1000 years and have witnessed everything. After losing their memories, they set off to reclaim them and along the way bond with mortals. Their unique relationships with the mortals emphasize the pain of dying, as well as living forever.

The most touching parts of Lost Odyssey were the recollection of dreams of Kaim, an immortal. After experiencing certain situations, he recalls a memory. These memories are told as simple text, still images, and music. I cried after reading almost all of them, but one of them rang clear to me and made me look at my own beloved one.

“Don’t Forget Me Now, You Hear?”

YouTube Video By TyndeIM

My grandmother, who just turned 96, means everything to me. And up until recently, I have done nothing but treat her as any other person in my life. I didn’t show her how special she was to me. I didn’t take care of her.

The other day, she had an accident in her bedroom. She blacked out, fell, and her fan hit her on the head. She was bleeding so much and I wasn’t there to help her. I came home to see her and she was walking with a cane, something she never needed before. And all she could tell me was that she still loved me.

I made a promise to her that I would be there to take care of her, just as she did for me when I was a child. I realize that she won’t be around forever, so I need to make her last days as happy as possible.

Lost Odyssey
‘s story makes you think about the value of your relationships with people and how your life changes after they’re gone. All you have left of them are memories, but these are powerful as long as you keep them. Just don’t forget them now, you hear?


Achievement Tip: Ninja Gaiden 2 + "Feat of a Hundred Slashes"

June 6, 2008

When I first saw the achievement list of Ninja Gaiden 2, I thought there was no way I could ever get a 100-hit combo. I watched my boyfriend do it real easy just now.

In Chapter 6, you’ll come across a large area with mounds and mounds of bones for your quick little ninja feet to run on. A dozen skeletal creatures will appear and will chase you around. Run away from them and jump, while throwing your Shuriken at them. Make sure your hit counter remains on the screen and that you never get hit. You’ll only need to throw them about 25 times before you get the achievement.