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Video Games or Videogames? Here’s Help.

August 23, 2008

About a year ago when I was writing for The Blue Skittle, one of my fellow writers spread the word about a videogame style guide.

That’s right, it’s videogame, not video game.

I want to spread the word to all bloggers out there who are serious about their writing that there is a guide filled with all the standards of videogame journalism.  I haven’t been following it very well, but it’ll be different from now on.

The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual by David Thomas, Kyle Orland, and Scott Steinberg explains the proper ways to write everything from 1-up to Xbox Live.  To download the free e-book, click here.


Characters That Would Make Badass Kids

August 21, 2008

I believe in soul mates; everyone has someone out there that completes them. And it applies to video game characters as well, that there are two that would make the perfect couple but because of franchises, corporate symbols and console wars, they cannot come together to make babies. Here are the characters I believe would make the most awesome offspring, if they could just get together for some mating!

1. Samus Aran and Master Chief

They’re both space-faring badasses in heavy armor. Their child would be born amongst aliens and live their childhood in a power suit hooked up to an A.I.

2. Cervantes de Leon and Seth Balmore

He’s an undead pirate with a black heart and she’s a feisty immortal pirate. They can live together for an eternity, dominating the seas and creating babies that want nothing but power, souls, and justice.

3. Wolf Link & Midna and Okami Amaterasu & Issun

They would no doubt make the cutest and wittiest wolves ever, born with the ability to attack with art, restore nature and see scents. Their offspring would be creature-friendly, loving horses and feeding animals.

4. Ryu Hayabusa and Shura

Ryu’s a ninja with class and Shura’s a fighter with… hm, well they’d have great looking children with aggressive and agile fighting skills. They would be a little conceited but always there to save the busty blonde babe from danger.

5. Companion Cube and 1up Mushroom

Physically, I don’t know how it’d be possible but think of the outcome – a best friend who gives you an extra chance at life, always being there with you to help you through tough obstacles. What more could you ask for in a companion?


Games for Girls? FOH.

August 11, 2008

While browsing the Nintendo section of our local Blockbuster last Friday night, my boyfriend and I came across a small section called Games for Girls. I was appalled by the pink shelving, the games chosen just for us, and even the young girl with her cute little braids and pink DS.

The last time I checked, I’m a girl and I enjoy shooting aliens, terrorists, and general scum. My DS is a sleek and sexy black one.

I frown upon this kind of marketing and separation because it might stop a girl who’s new to gaming from exploring different genres.  Don’t believe the idea that there is nothing ladylike about headshots, fragging, or aggressive magic.

And not only that, why can’t boys play those games? Why should a boy have to shy away from the Games for Girls section, even though he is really interested in humming along with the songs from High School Musical? (Here’s to you, nephew).

I’m all for being treated equally when it comes to gaming.  I’m just a gamer, not a gamer-girl or vice versa.  Gender should have absolutely nothing to do with the kinds of games you like to play.


Tips for SC IV’s Tower of Lost Souls

August 8, 2008

Soul Calibur IV has this great little fighting challenge called The Tower of Lost Souls, even though it sometimes has you ripping the hairs out of your head. Here are some tips for making it through the Floors, for either ascending or descending the tower.

1. Create a few custom characters. Give them as much HP, defense and attack power as you possibly can, meaning you should sit there and sift through all the available equipment, paying special attention to the affects they have on your stats. Don’t be ashamed if they come out looking weird! Choose the fighting style you feel you’re best at. Add on top of that the best skills and weapon you can equip them with and they’re good to go.

2. Make sure you have SWT configured to one of the buttons you don’t use often. This swap button will be useful for Floors that allow you to have two or more characters. While one character is out there fighting, the others are hidden and regaining HP.

3. Use Ring Outs to your advantage. Knocking an opponent out of the stage saves you a lot of time and HP, and is especially important when your one character is pitted against 10.

4. Remember: no one’s watching! If you need to, and only if you really need to, cheese. You’ll come across some stages, like the very unpopular Floors 30-32, where it’ll be difficult to reach the boss with 75% of your HP left. The only answer is to use a very aggressive and powerful move that stops your opponents from attacking. My favorite is Siegfried’s 66B. In this video, the player uses Mitsurugi.

Youtube User – Blaise9

5. Keep an eye on the clock. For the most part, the timer isn’t important but for certain Floors it’s crucial. If time runs out you automatically fail the mission.