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I Heart Points & Rewards

November 23, 2008

When I add up how much I’ve spent on games and hardware since the beginning of the year, it totals up to about $1500. Ouch. But would I rather have put the money toward something else? Hell no!

More than half of that shit I bought at GameStop, one of the most popular game dealers out there, and that’s mostly because almost every neighborhood is infested with one. And when you buy your games there, you are rewarded with absolutely nothing. Some would say the game should be enough reward. But as this industry becomes more profitable, I say it’s time someone thought about the gamers!

A few weeks ago I got an email about a Reward Zone Gamers Club from Best Buy. I’ve been a Reward Zone member for a couple years now and I can say it’s useful and helps me save money. And for this program specifically, every dollar you spend on games at any Best Buy or goes toward a threshold. Reach the $150 dollar mark and you earn a $10 off coupon. It sounds small, but it can add up. And perhaps best of all, it’s free. You don’t have to pay or sign up for a magazine subscription in order to take part of the program. It’s that beautiful F-word: free.

An independent gamer will spend at least $300 a year on AAA titles, so every dollar you can save is worth it. And if you’re thinking, “Well I just buy and sell back to GameStop toward new games so that’s even better” maybe this guy can give you a few reasons why you should stop.


Videogame Quote of the Week – #1

November 22, 2008

The World Ends With You Quote

As a person who likes to keep to herself a lot, and doesn’t like asking for help, I feel this quote is geared toward people like me, who are used to living in small worlds – alone. I’ve become very independent in my life and haven’t learned how to rely on other people, primarily because I don’t trust them with living up to my standards. And this has stopped me from fully enjoying working with people, learning how to behave in intimate social events and realizing that my future is not just in my hands.

Every person you encounter in life has the potential to shake your core, and the beliefs and values that you hold. It’s just a matter of you allowing them to. Sift the bad seeds out, and only allow good ones in. The mind is a powerhouse of wonder, thought and logic and when two connect it can be a dynamic force.

It’s important to keep your focus on matters that are five steps ahead, but why not shake it up a little bit and take a look at what’s 10 steps ahead for you? And if you see so little in your future, stir up your life! So cliché, but break the mold and open your eyes. There’s a whole world out there and it ends with you.


I’m Inspired!

November 22, 2008

While browsing a fellow blogger’s site, I came across one of his “Quote of the Week” posts. It really just stopped me and made me think for a minute, and forced me to reminisce about my 10th grade English course. Our teacher used to make us analyze quotes in order to broaden our perspectives.

So I’m going to borrow Silvercube’s idea, but switch it up a little bit. Every week I’ll choose a quote from a videogame that really speaks to me, and post it. Then I’ll give my thoughts on what I think it means, or how it makes me feel (and it sure beats posts about Burger Shots).

Thank you buddy for inspiring me!


I’d Like a Burger Shot, Hold the Bullets

November 22, 2008

While driving today, my boyfriend and I heard a Burger King commercial on the radio for their new Burger Shots. The commercial was really good, so of course I was intrigued and wanted to try their new bite-sized beauties.

So I had it, and yes it was delicious. But the whole time eating them, I felt like I had had them before and not at White Castle. While waiting in the car for my boyfriend while he smoked, he opened the door and said “Babe, Burger Shot! Grand Theft Auto!”

GTA IV Burger Shot

GTA IV Burger Shot

Oh, yeah! That’s where it’s from! It’s like the place we visit in Grand Theft Auto for replenishment has just jumped into our reality for nourishment.

Now if the company that deals with Burger King knows that Burger Shot is a satiric restaurant in the Grand Theft Auto series and is trying to make bigger bucks by being associated with the game, then cheers to them. Good luck. But it’s really disgusting when you find out what the term “Burger Shot” actually means.


My Fable II Item Giveaway! – CLOSED

November 20, 2008
Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up!

Unfortunately, due to my previous Xbox 360 getting the Red Ring display error and my shitty Circuit City warranty, I no longer have my 20GB hard drive with my Fable 2 saved game.  All my items are gone! =(

When (and if) Circuit City sends me a replacement, I seriously doubt it will be with my old hard drive.


New Gamertag, Just For Fun!

November 19, 2008

I was at my brother’s house the other day and wanted to jump on his 360 for a few hours before going to work. I didn’t feel like downloading my gamertag so I decided to create a new one. I was stumped on what to name myself, so for inspiration I looked at my brother’s. He’s always been quite a creative one, and his tag is nerd witta gun. He also created the tag nun witta gun, which my little sister took… so you know I had to jump on the bandwagon!

Coming Soon: My nephew has a “witta gun” tag lined up. He knows exactly what he wants, he just needs people to file complaints against his gamertag so he can change it.


Fallout 3 Tip: Tesla Armor and Easy Caps

November 16, 2008

So it’s 1:45 a.m and my boyfriend calls me to tell me how he’s found a way to get loads of Tesla Armor and caps in Fallout 3.  Mind you, I’m very far from where he is in the game but he never stops trying to give me tips to help me progress (love him to death for that).  So here is his information, as he posted on GameSpot:

Millennium_King wrote:

If you fast travel to Alexandria Arms (around the corner from the Citadel) and go to your right you’ll see three Enclave soldiers fighting two Raiders in a bombed out building. Simply kill the soldiers but let the raiders live. It’s quite easy because the raiders are on the top floor of the building and once you enter, the soldiers will immediately engage you. The Raiders will not come downstairs. These Enclave soldiers always wear Tesla Armor and always carry plasma rifles. Once you loot everything, fast travel to your home and sleep for three days. Now fast travel back to Alexandria Arms. The Enclave have returned because the Raiders are still alive. Rinse and repeat. The plasma rifles can be sold for anywhere between 150 and 300 caps depending on condition. You can sell the Tesla as well if that’s not your thing, but I think it looks badass. Enjoy!