I Heart Points & Rewards

November 23, 2008

When I add up how much I’ve spent on games and hardware since the beginning of the year, it totals up to about $1500. Ouch. But would I rather have put the money toward something else? Hell no!

More than half of that shit I bought at GameStop, one of the most popular game dealers out there, and that’s mostly because almost every neighborhood is infested with one. And when you buy your games there, you are rewarded with absolutely nothing. Some would say the game should be enough reward. But as this industry becomes more profitable, I say it’s time someone thought about the gamers!

A few weeks ago I got an email about a Reward Zone Gamers Club from Best Buy. I’ve been a Reward Zone member for a couple years now and I can say it’s useful and helps me save money. And for this program specifically, every dollar you spend on games at any Best Buy or Bestbuy.com goes toward a threshold. Reach the $150 dollar mark and you earn a $10 off coupon. It sounds small, but it can add up. And perhaps best of all, it’s free. You don’t have to pay or sign up for a magazine subscription in order to take part of the program. It’s that beautiful F-word: free.

An independent gamer will spend at least $300 a year on AAA titles, so every dollar you can save is worth it. And if you’re thinking, “Well I just buy and sell back to GameStop toward new games so that’s even better” maybe this guy can give you a few reasons why you should stop.


One comment

  1. Yeah, I’m a member of Best Buy’s program šŸ™‚

    I like Best Buy a lot ^_^

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