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Fallout 3 Tips: A Real Wasteland Survival Guide

December 30, 2008

The following is a list of things you need to learn to do right in order to survive in Fallout 3.  I’ve gone into as much detail as possible to make it clear and helpful, instead of a just a quick rundown of the obvious.


1. Learn to Barter

Whenever you level up, you should always put points into Barter because this skill is crucial for getting ammo and Stimpaks for as few caps as possible.  And you will not survive out there without ammo and Stimpaks!  As for the actual transactions you do with sellers, the first thing you always want to check is how many caps the person has.  This number is in the upper right-hand corner.  Now you want to sell them everything you can, without going over their cap  limit.  Then, check and see if they have any armor, ammo or Stimpaks you may want (and you should always want ammo & aid).  This will decrease the number of caps that the person owes you.  From here you can sell more items that you may have but if you don’t have anything else to sell, you can complete the transaction.

The key to bartering effectively is to remember what the word “barter” itself actually means.  It’s an exchange of goods rather than involving money.

2.  Learn to Repair

While you’re out there in the Wasteland scavenging, you’ll come across a few different items of the same type.  Whether it’s weapons or armor, repairing them the right way will reduce your encumbrance by a larger amount, and make the item itself in better condition therefore fetching you more caps for it.

As for the actual repairing process, choose one of the items and the repair option.  From here you’ll see the item and beneath it the other items that you have that can be used to repair the one chosen.  Start from the bottom of the list and work your way up.  As you go up, you’re using the items in the worst condition first.  Using three poor items versus a single good one helps your encumbrance and will leave the items that are worth more caps.

3.  Learn to Level Up

Oh, how I love to hear those drums.

At the beginning of the game, you are asked to put points into your fallout3special21S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats.  From here you need to figure out what kind of character you want to have.  However, no matter what kind of character you want to have, it is extremely necessary to have points in Luck, Perception, Agility and Intelligence. These will unlock the best perks and Intelligence will grant you more skill points as you level up.  If you want your character to focus on Speech, you do not even need to waste any points on Charisma so keep that at one.  You should have your Strength at about six, Luck and Intelligence near 10, and Endurance, Agility and Perception ranging between five and seven. It should look something like this:

Strength: 6

Perception: 6

Endurance: 5

Charisma: 1

Intelligence: 8

Agility: 6


Of course you won’t be able to max out each of these S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes right away.  Focus first on Intelligence and Luck.  Along your journey, grab the Agility bobblehead and complete the Those! quest (and choose Ant Sight).

And as you level up and raise your skills, remember that there are books, Bobbleheads, quests and especially perks that are very effective at raising your skills and attributes.  The first perk you want to use first is Intense Training, and you’ll use this to max out your Luck and Intelligence.  Also use it to raise your Agility, Endurance and Perception to seven each.

Other really useful perks include Action Boy/Girl, Gun Nut, Better Criticals, Commando, Educated, Grim Reaper’s Sprint, Size Matters, Strong Back and Tag!

4. Learn to Fight

Fallout 3 is an FPS, but don’t play it entirely like an FPS.  You really need to use the V.A.T.S system in order to conserve ammo and take advantage of perks you have.

vatsIf you can’t hit the broadside of a barn, don’t aim on your own.  If you can shoot, you can shoot freely but be sure to hit them dead on and in critical areas like the head.  Remember, certain enemies are only vulnerable in one area.

Now, Fallout 3’s got several weapons that are worth the time and trouble obtaining.  My personal favorites, being that I major in Small Guns, are the Xuanlong Assault Rifle, Lincoln’s Repeater and The Terrible Shotgun.

And while this may be obvious, use rifles for enemies that are at a long distance, shotguns for enemies wielding melee weapons or who are at a short distance, and assault rifles for when you are running toward an enemy.

5. Learn to Save and Reload

It’s a cheap move, but you’ve got to save your resources!  Before you attempt to hack a computer, pick a lock, or win a speech challenge, save your game.  That way if you fail the first time you can just reload your save.  Doing so will help you conserve bobby pins, earn XP and avoid getting locked out of terminals.


Fallout 3 is an extremely fun game, but it’s easy to get discouraged by its massiveness.  Taking one step at a time and having the patience to learn everything will ensure a fun experience.


2008’s Most Tearful Videogame Moments

December 28, 2008

I absolutely love videogames that make me cry.  Those will always be the games I remember for years and have the cutscenes I search for on YouTube when I need a good release.

So with all the holiday spirit I can muster, here are 2008’s Most Tearful Videogame Moments.

4. The Ending of Braid

This ending isn’t tearful as much as it is thought-provoking and depressing.  There are a few different interpretations of it as well, but for blog’s sake I’ll say that Tim believed the whole time he was trying to save the Princess when in reality, she was trying to escape him.

3. Dom & Maria’s Reunion in Gears of War 2

Maria is the only reason why I even bothered finishing the GoW2 campaign.  I had to destroy the Locust for her!  Dom’s desperate search for his beautiful wife was so touching.  When he finally found her my controller was dripping wet from the tears falling from my face.

Uploaded by ProjectSAGE

2. The Ending of Metal Gear Solid 4

An extremely epic conclusion for an extremely epic series.  This entire ending had my heart at attention.  My personal favorite is the scene between Raiden, Rosemary and John.  Or is it the scene with Snake in the cemetery alone with a gun in his mouth?  I just can’t decide, they’re all so sad!

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1. About 75% of Lost Odyssey

Almost all of the Dreams in Lost Odyssey are tearjerkers, there are about five different sad cutscenes throughout the game and the ending is full of sacrifice, love and departure.  *sniffles*

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Blog Banter: Santa, Don’t Bring Me Toys I Have To Share

December 13, 2008

Welcome, welcome to Blog Banter, the monthly blogging extravaganza headed by bs angel! Blog Banter involves our cozy community of enthusiastic gaming bloggers, a common topic, and a week to post articles pertaining to said topic. The results are quite entertaining and can range from deeply insightful to ROFLMAO. Any questions about Blog Banter should be directed here. Check out other Blog Banter articles at the bottom of this post!

Topic: If you could ask for one thing this year from the gaming industry as a whole, what would it be and why?

While playing Fallout 3 a couple nights ago, I got an invite from my nephew to play Gears of War 2.  I just rolled my eyes and ignored it.  I’m so tired of multiplayer games because they’re not intriguing anymore.  The only one that caught my attention this year is Left 4 Dead.

Yes, it’s fun to play with friends cooperatively to reach the same goal.  It’s fun playing against people you know and chatting with them, instead of unresponsive A.I.  But enough is enough!

I’m tired of games where the multiplayer aspect is so hyped everyone gets disgustedly excited about it.  I’m tired of games that release with just a multiplayer option and no single-player campaign.  When a game relies too much on multiplayer to make it good, it’s an automatic loss.  In my opinion, the best games that released this year are games you played alone (MGS4, Fable 2, Fallout 3).  I should not have to play with someone else in order to enjoy a game.

So this year, I’m asking for more solid single-player campaigns: great storylines, characters, music and battle systems.  I want less invites in my inbox, and more “Is dat game n e good?” messages.  It would be great to have less headset wearing and more controller charging.  I’m asking the industry for less multiplayer!

P.S – Got a new 360!

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Videogame Quote of the Week – #2

December 6, 2008

I’ve always thought that jokes were the truth in disguise and this little quote, originally said by philosopher Bertrand Russell, is a joke told in Fallout 3 by a robotic butler.

This one just speaks for itself so instead of going the political route with it I’ll just take it down to personal relationships. When one person is angry at another it just seems so natural to take the violent path against them (pacifists might not agree). Whether it’s being jumped after school, shot for a misunderstood glance, or slapped for a cold dinner, violence is an option so often used yet it doesn’t prove anything but our own levels of inhumanity.



December 4, 2008

Last night my boyfriend was watching me play Fallout 3, the new love of our lives. I was in my shabby little Megaton house when all of a sudden the graphics became extremely distorted. We looked at each other in surprise and thought maybe it was just my house.

But when I stepped out the door, it was the same way. So I thought maybe it was just the game and went back to the Dashboard. The hair on my avatar was glittering in white spots! Worried, I thought restarting the console would fix the problem.

But it was just the beginning of many more.

One Red Light

One Red Light

When we turned it back on, we faced a dooming red light. We looked at each other in shock and disbelief. We had just bought it eight months ago!

Even though it was extremely disappointing that the new 360 would fail on us, we felt safe because we had bought a warranty for it when we first purchased it at Circuit City. So today, we drove out to Poughkeepsie to swap it for a new one. A few months ago, I had gone with my younger brother to Best Buy to swap his broken 360 and they had done it at the store with no problem. So Circuit City would do the same, right?

No. They told us at the store that their warranty will cover it, however we would need to ship it to a testing center.

Bullshit assholes, when we first bought the console you told us you could swap it in the store!

So reading through the Terms & Conditions, if it’s determined that the product is defective they will send us a remanufactured replacement, not a new one. And if they can’t do so because of changes in technology (i.e 20 GB 360’s are no longer made) they will send us a Circuit City gift card to cover how much we paid for it. And after we receive the new(old) one, or gift card, the protection plan is covered, completed and no more. That’s a complete waste of $76.

I’m so upset! Now I’m stuck with no 360 and my only option is send away for a new one which will take a few weeks (and the asshole at the store said it will only take one).

So to sum everything up, I will never do business with Circuit City again. Best Buy is the best way to go.