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Don’t Play With Fire!

January 31, 2009

While playing the Resident Evil 5 demo tonight, I got a message from a buddy of mine warning me not to join Playfire, as it is being investigated for violating Xbox’s TOS.  They ask users as they are registering for sensitive Xbox and email related information, and people usually don’t think twice about handing that out for social networking sites.  I certainly didn’t.

Now, I regret joining that site and warn others not to bother with it.  Keep your information private!

If you’ve already joined it like I have, go through your Playfire profile and remove your gamertag, take out your email address in the Settings section and change your password to something that doesn’t even relate to any others you have.  As for your Windows Live information, change your password immediately (I did it through hotmail) as well as your secret question.


Looking for Tech Enthusiasts in NYC!

January 28, 2009

I’m planning on writing an article for my reporting class on technology and it must be on NYC residents.  The focus of the article is not concrete yet, and is still pending approval from my professor.  Upon speaking to anyone that is willing to be interviewed I will disclose more information about the article but at this point I want to keep what I say about it minimal.  But I would love to get to interview any NYC residents who feel technology (anything ranging from the web, to videogames to cellphones & iPods) has somehow changed their life.

So please if anyone out there sees this and is willing to be interviewed, just leave your name and email address.  I will get back to you asap!


Taking My Baby to School

January 28, 2009

Today is my first day of school after a year long break.  I’m sitting in the classroom right now and while I feel misplaced, I’m glad to be back.

I’m majoring in journalism and for my reporting classes I was planning on covering video games.  Sadly, my professor has already stated in the syllabus that video games is a beat we cannot cover (insert frown here).  So I’m going to broaden it to technology and pitch it to him.  Hopefully he’ll accept.

I’m also taking a required music class.  For our first assignment, the professor wants us to bring in a song that we like and represents our music taste.  I’m going to bring in the main theme to BioShock, “The Ocean on His Shoulders.”  It’s such a beautiful song and I can’t wait to present it.

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